Taste the Best 2023 - Kapweine

Taste the Best 2023

Taste the Best 2023
Friday September 29 2023
16:00–20:00 H
Saturday September 30 2023
10:00–18:00 H
grill/braai 12:00–18:00 H

Wine Tasting 2nd Floor CHF 30.00 Ticket

Wine Tasting Ground Floor free

Event location

We will open our South African wine gems for you

Discover on the 2nd floor a fabulous assortment of top wines, aged classics and rare and special wines from the cellar. These liquid works of art are among the crème de la crème that you can now experience and order from us. Learn about the wines’ potential by cross tasting wines from 2002 to 2022. Whether top brands, old guns or new wave rebels, Andy Zimmermann and our Cape Angels will let you in on the wine culture of South Africa and reveal an expert tip or two.

Therefore, take the unique opportunity to experience the desirable ripening process, the world-class terroir as well as the quality of South African wines. We very much look forward to your visit in a cozy lounge atmosphere!

Limited availability and exclusive access by booking only.

The entrance fee of CHF 30.00 on the 2nd floor will be deducted as a voucher only on the event days, starting from a shopping cart value of CHF 300.00.


You want to invest your money safely? Then you are exactly right with us! Because KapWeine has launched the 1st Cape Fine Wine Index, where you can secure  1 of 60 portfolios with 54 special red wine bottles. 

If you purchase a portfolio, the entry fee for the tasting will be deducted from the purchase price.

Bestseller Tasting on Ground Floor

On the ground floor, we show what our customers prefer. Although South Africa is large and we have over 1300 wines in our range, not all of them make it onto the bestseller list. Discover at this tasting the top 100 bestsellers (MCC, rosé, white and red wine) and benefit from unique promotions, killer deals and magnum hammer deals. Who knows, you may discover your new personal favorite.

Thomas Webb, Director 
Nicholas Vlok, Sales Manager
Bernhard Bredell, Winemaker
Marc Kent, Winemaker
Evan Alexander, Export Manager
Donovan Rall, Winemaker
Lia Johns Poveda, Export Manager
Laura Sullivan + Luke O’Cuinneagain, Winemaker
Callie Louw, Winemaker
Marc Kent
Food and Drinks

In the meantime at 12h our grill/braai will be fired up for tender zebra filet and boerewors, as well as scampi and rock lobsters with side dishes such as chickpea curry or wedges. Enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or soft drink at our Springbok Bar.

Event discount

Benefit at the event with up to 15% cash & carry event discount*.
*10% cash discount exclusively valid on non-discounted wines (not cumulative with other discounts) + 5% carry discount exclusively valid on wines from a shopping basket of CHF 300.-.

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