Charity Golf Trophy

Give a better future

KapWeine also sets goals such as improving and revitalising children’s education in South Africa.


This is not the first time that golf lovers and South Africa have enjoyed a unique event where they can not only enjoy golf but also contribute to a world of equal opportunities. KapWeine cannot look away in the face of harsh reality and is a sponsor of the 2nd Charity Golf Trophy organised by «Hope and Light Switzerland» on 12 August.

After the first edition’s success, golf enthusiasts will meet again for a day full of surprises and excitement at Golfpark Zürichsee. As in the previous year, this day should be a day of encounter, joy and fun for South Africa fans, golfers as well as patrons of the children of «Hope and Light» in accordance with the motto «golf, enjoy and do good at the same time».

Golfpark Zürichsee

«Hope and Light» is committed to socially disadvantaged families in the Cape Town region and enables around 500 children to receive a comprehensive education so that they can one day lead a life free of poverty. Most parents cannot afford a good education for their children; whenever possible, they contribute to the school costs. Unfortunately, the contribution from the state is vanishingly small. Thus, «Hope and Light» is dependent on sponsors and godparents. Thanks to generous donors from Germany and Switzerland, the school facilities are in very good condition, making it a pleasure for the children and teachers to be there.

Another country, another reality than ours

When funds are scarce, priorities need to be set carefully. First and foremost, ensure maximum leverage and that sufficient funds are committed by the end of the project. According to the organisation in Switzerland, «”Part of the money from this event will be used to enable even more children from the poorest backgrounds to attend kindergarten and then school. The other part will be used to renovate the playground of the children’s home. A solar and battery system is also on the wish list; the current power cuts lasting several hours a day make the project more urgent”.».

«Hope and Light» has many projects that are funded thanks to solidarity from golf friends and South Africa fans. «We have prioritised the following focus areas for investment: Sponsorships to fund children’s school fees, project sponsorship to develop life skills and help in emergencies such as catastrophes.», the organisation shows on its website.

The «Charity Golf Trophy» will again be organised in voluntary cooperation with Silverboom Boutique B&B and Burckhardt’s Events AG and is again expecting a good 100 guests.

Golf Charity Throphy