Wine tasting: Advent & Celebration - Kapweine

Wine tasting: Advent & Celebration

Wine tasting: Advent & Celebration
Saturday November 30 2024
10:00–18:00 H
grill/braai 12:00–17:00 H

Wine tasting free

Event location

With Pinotage Showcase

Which wines should you not miss at Christmas? Well, these here! At Christmas, the wine pairing simply has to be right. Whether it’s goose, raclette, fondue, fish or whatever else is served at Christmas, we’ll show you the very best pairings in our Christmas tasting paired with a festive atmosphere and cheesy Christmas music. But don’t worry, Christmas grinches are also welcome here!


Food and Drinks

From 12 noon our barbecue/braai will be fired up, where you can enjoy tender zebra fillet or ostrich steak and boerewors with side dishes such as chickpea curry or wedges. Enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or a soft drink at our Springbok Bar.

Event discount

As usual, at the event you will benefit from a 10% cash event discount valid exclusively on non-discounted wines (cannot be combined with other discounts) + 5% carry event discount valid exclusively on non-discounted wines from a shopping cart of CHF 300.

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