The best wines for the summer

Cool, fresh rosé and white wine or strong red wine for your barbecue party?

Summer calls for refreshing wines that perfectly match the warm temperatures. Let’s start with light and young white wines that score with their freshness and liveliness. These wines are ideal for social gatherings outdoors or for a relaxing afternoon on the terrace. Their fruity aromas and pleasant acidity make them a real pleasure, especially when served well chilled.

In addition to the white wines, we must not forget the fruity rosés. With their vibrant color and berry fruit aromas, they are an excellent choice for summer moments. A glass of rosé on the terrace or at a picnic in the countryside adds a refreshing touch to the day.

Would you prefer Bubbly?

For those who like to toast with something bubbly, sparkling wines and MCCs are the perfect choice. These bring a festive atmosphere and are perfect for special occasions or simply to celebrate the summer.

sommer wines

Our rosé and white wine tips


Special Offer
Pinot Noir Rosé – 2022
CHF 10.90 instead of CHF 14.90

This wine offers a generous palate and a smooth finish. Experience an elegant, dry rosé with nuances of strawberries and rose petals. It harmonizes particularly well with sushi, seafood and leafy salads such as Caesar salad. A wine that appreciates the diversity of food.


Special Offer
Chenin Blanc Graniesteen – 2022
CHF 24.90 instead of CHF 39.90

The low-yielding old bush vines have produced a wonderful, concentrated wine. The tight, compressed nose shows a pronounced minerality and leads to an intense palate with notes of pear, citrus fruit and a hint of green apple. The structure is excellent and accompanied by a pleasant acidity. This wine is an excellent accompaniment to a smoked char tartare with salted apple and bronze fennel.


Special Offer
Lindi Carien – 2021
CHF 19.90 instead of CHF 32.00

This wine presents expressive aromas of pear, peach and citrus fruit, accompanied by floral scents and a hint of hay. On the palate, it convinces with clear fruitiness, well-integrated acidity and a gently spicy finish, which is made interesting by a slightly phenolic grip. Its subtle and complex nature makes it a fantastic accompaniment to vegetarian Mediterranean dishes such as artichokes or fennel in combination with tomatoes. It also harmonizes very well with a bourride and rouille sauce.

Special Offer
Chenin Blanc – 2022
CHF 11.90 instead of CHF 15.90

This Chenin Blanc presents strong aromas of lime and a hint of tropical fruit on the nose, accompanied by a mineral taste of grape fruit and pear drops. This harmonizes perfectly with dishes such as smoked chicken salad on a warm summer’s day or thinly sliced carpaccio on a bed of rocket, accompanied by a dressing of lemon-olive oil and black pepper.

sommer und grillweine



Red Barbecue Wines

Well, when it comes to barbecues, a nice red wine should not be missing. The strong aromas and structure of these wines harmonize perfectly with grilled meat and add an extra dimension to your meal. A good red wine, at the right temperature, rounds off the barbecue experience perfectly.

With this selection of wines, you are ideally equipped to enjoy the summer to the full. Whether for a relaxed aperitif, a light lunch outdoors or a festive barbecue party, the right wines ensure unforgettable moments of enjoyment in this warm season. Cheers!


Special Offer
Pinot Noir – 2021
CHF 24.90 statt CHF 35.00

The 2021 vintage presents a bouquet of pressed rose petals, red cherries, deep plums and spices, followed by hints of dried fynbos and crushed stone on the palate. It is full-bodied and pure, with hints of blood orange zest and fine tannins. This wine harmonizes fantastically with a lamb tagine served with couscous and dates.

eagles nest

Special Offer
Connect the Dots Syrah – 2021
CHF 24.90 instead of CHF 34.90

The wine shows a terroir expression on the nose, with beautiful brambly red fruits, black olives, white and black pepper and a hint of fynbos in the background. The palate is exquisitely balanced with a sharp acidity that counteracts the impressive fruit on the finish. This fantastic wine is an excellent accompaniment to any feast, whether braised, grilled or roasted.


Special Offer
Bottelary Pinotage – 2018
CHF 22.90 instead of CHF 35.00

The deep dark, reflective color of this multi-faceted wine is impressive. It presents dark plum, cherry and blackberry fruit accompanied by elegant floral notes. The palate is fresh with chalky, fine-grained tannins. This wine is a fantastic accompaniment to dishes such as bobotie, boerewors, osso buco or a braised oxtail.


Special Offer
Pinotage Feniks – 2022
CHF 26.90 instead of CHF 35.00

This Pinotage, pronounced phonetically as “Phoenix”, has a special history. The name came about when the producer wanted to remove the vines, but Bernhard dissuaded him. The wine is very fine, supple and fresh with pure cherry fruit, a beautiful chalky structure and good acidity. It is expressive with beautiful weight and precision, straightforward and refined as well as structured. A great wine that goes perfectly with a piri piri chicken from the charcoal grill.


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