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Report from Karin Wild


Here I am again with my wine stories and hope that you are all safe and sound. Some time has passed since my last report just before Christmas, and in March 2024 I was able to spend a wonderful time in South Africa for KapWeine!

Travelling on the South African wine safari

Having just returned, I would like to share my wonderful wine experiences with you. In the coming weeks, I will take you on my personal South African wine safari and report in detail on one or two wineries. But it’s not just the wines that I want to talk about, but also the people, the unique encounters, the hospitality and the unbridled joie de vivre that inevitably takes hold of you as soon as you set foot on South African soil.

We start our safari with some of the winemakers and wines that I have raved about in the past. Now that I’ve had the chance to meet, experience and accompany them at their place of work, I’m more impressed than ever!

The wine roots of Stellenbosch: With Bernhard Bredell

I would like to start with Bernhard Bredell, a passionate winemaker in the 7th generation. Deeply rooted in the Lower Helderberg region of Stellenbosch, he knows his dry-farmed bush vines, planted by his family over 60 years ago on the granite outcrop known as Sinai Hill, better than anyone else. It is as if he is a part of them, and his exciting wines are the expression of the place, the history, the soil – quite simply the expression of Bernhard himself. Enjoy a glass of Scions of Sinai Chenin Blanc Granietsteen in the spring sunshine and let his story be told in your glass.

Top Sale
Chenin Blanc Granietsteen – 2022
CHF 24.90 instead of 39.90

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Syrah Swanesang – 2022
CHF 27.90 instead of 39.90


Wild Young Guns of Swartland

And then there was this day with the wild boys and girls in Swartland. Tasting with the best: Donovan Rall from Rall Wine, David Sadie from David & Nadia, Jolandie Fouché from Wolf and Woman. The aim was to taste 30 top wines in the Lammershoek cellar. What sounds easy-going was intensive work for me, which required a lot of concentration, but was of course also a lot of fun. My personal highlights were once again almost all of them – how could it be otherwise at this level? However, the Cinsault 2022 from Rall Wine deserves a special mention. Just 3500 bottles of this exceptional wine were produced. Enjoy it slightly chilled. So much fruit, density, complexity and freshness with so much elegance and lightness – it is deeply impressive. One of the many works of wine art I encountered on my journey.

Make sure you also try the Syrah Concrete Aged from Rall Wine. Perfumed nose, some pepper, dark berries, fruit-soaked tannins – all in the right balance at only 12.5% alcohol. I wasn’t the only one who was impressed, Robert Parker also awarded this Syrah a whopping 95 points!

Or try the Pinotage from Wolf and Woman. Also only 12.5% alcohol from vines planted back in 1973. Matured for 10 months in 500-litre barrels, this is a completely dry wine with lots of dark fruit and even more development potential.

We were able to taste white wines from the 2017 vintage from David & Nadia. The Aristargos showed absolutely no signs of ageing, instead developing wonderful almond and orange flavours – simply brilliant. My tip: set aside a bottle or two of this wine. You will be surprised and never disappointed.

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Cinsault – 2022
CHF 22.90 instead of 32.00

Top Sale
Syrah Concrete Aged – 2022
CHF 29.00 instead of 35.00

Sixpack Special >6 bottles
Pinotage – 2021
CHF 23.90 instead of 29.00

Killer Deal >6 bottles
Aristargos – 2022
CHF 32.90 instead of 39.00

After the work was done, it was time for a braai (Afrikaans term for barbecue over the fire). An unforgettable evening with exciting conversations and the feeling of never having been anything other than part of this wonderful community. In addition to the wine and these down-to-earth and hospitable people, I was also able to get to know something new and typically South African: the braai broodjies… I am happy to share the original recipe from our Swartland braai exclusively with you here!

Ingredients: sourdough bread (ideally with herbs), cheese slices (cheddar), tomato slices, onion rings, herb butter, salt and pepper


  1. The braai broodjies go on the fire last, when the coals are no longer so hot.
  2. For the broodjies, cover the slices of bread with cheese, tomatoes and onion rings, just like a normal sandwich, and generously sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  3. Spread the herb butter (made from softened butter with chilli flakes, garlic, dried oregano and salt) evenly on both sides of the bread while the broodjies are toasted over the fire for about 30 minutes.

 That’s it! Enjoy your lekker braai broodjies and cheers!

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