Wine region: Franschhoek    
Foundation:  1993 Size: 9 ha
Production since: 1996 Quantity:  
Winemaker: Marc Kent – Heinrich Tait and Heinrich Hugo seit 1993 Bottles: 7 000 000 
White/red ratio: 25% / 75%    
Division of grape varieties:      
Tasting times: Visit by appointment only – Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 hours Tel. +27 21 876 33 20 or e-mail: – Also visit the top restaurant Reuben’s, where Marc Kent and Reuben Riffel are partners. Link:


The top winery Boekenhoutskloof (Beechwood Slope/Gorge) is situated in Franschhoek and is one of the oldest wineries with Huguenot roots. Not only the winery and the surroundings seem French. The wines are also reminiscent of France, probably because winemaker Marc Kent visits France once a year for new inspiration. On about 9 hectares of vineyards, the only white grape variety is Sémillon, which is grown on very old vines. Among the red varieties, the vineyard is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and some Merlot. Since 1996, wines from the Franschhoek appellation have been pressed here.


The winemaker Mark Kent was considered a prodigy early on, so it is not surprising that his 2001 Sémillon was chosen as the Best New World White by the renowned English wine magazine Decanter in October 2003. The current status of his work impressively shows that the first predictions were not wrong!

Of course, Marc has not been able to make all the wines himself for a long time. He acts as head blender and has increasingly mutated into a strategist and the brain behind all the complex Boekenhoutskloof activities. Over the years, he has built a great team around him. Even if there are changes from time to time, which is normal, he always attracts the best people in the wine industry with his personality and the fascination of Boekenhoutskloof. Whether young or experienced winemakers: anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Marc has been able to learn a lot from the genius for their professional wine life.


It quickly becomes clear that Franschhoek alone quickly became too small for Marc. In the meantime, a Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon from Marc’s Helderberg is bottled under the well-known “Seven Chairs” Boekenhoutskloof label and the Syrah has been sourced entirely from the Swartland for a few years now.

Marc Kent’s work – so far: Boekenhoutskloof, Porcupine Ridge and Wolftrap wines. With the trendy Chocolate Block and Porseleinberg with the Goldmine Patina wines. Plus the Cap Maritime bottlings.

The Boekenhoutskloof line (Beechwood Slope/Gorge) is the premium range, which is fully structured with elegance and great ageing potential. Worldwide highest awards from Vinous, WeinWisser, Wine Spectator, Decanter etc. testify to the exceptional quality level at Boekenhoutskloof.

Not to be forgotten is the Choclate Block, the trendy Syrah blend with that certain something. The quality standards lived here are applied to the Procupine Ridge range, albeit with a price-pleasure focus. The Porcupine Ridge range embodies the everyday wine line of Boekenhoutskloof. Here, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Syrah, a Merlot and additionally a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chenin Blanc and a Chardonnay are pressed. Stylistically, this line is also based on European growths. However, the South African fruitiness and density due to the climate are also part of the game and ensure an appealing accessibility. In addition, there is the affordable Wolftrap (Wolf Trap) line. With a red assemblage (Syrah base) and also the Wolftrap Assemblage White (Viognier – Chenin Blend). These two Wolftrap wines convince with an extraordinary price-pleasure performance!