Round 2 – South Africa Charity by Jonny Fischer

New with The Chocholate Block 2020


After a successful start in December 2021, we were already able to collect CHF 5,000 in donations and transfer them to the Ubungani relief organisation.

A big South Africa fan and supporter of this charity project is comedian Jonny Fischer from the comedy duo Divertimento. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his cooperation!


Slideshow: With his comedy partner Manu Burkhart, Jonny was also on tour in South Africa for Swiss television.

South Africa call us. Comedian Jonny Fischer, 41, of Divertimento Duo, is a fan of the continent. He always finds the opportunity to enjoy its culture, so it is not surprising that he has joined our solidarity campaign.

In the times of Corona, which for South Africa repeatedly means that tourism is again totally collapsing thanks to the travel ban and the relisting of South Africa there, we decided to do a Chocolate Block promotion and contribute with your support.

Tourism is an important lifeline for South Africa, and many livelihoods depend on this industry. Guesthouses, hotels, airlines, the entire tourism industry with tour operators, game parks, game reserves, wine farms, restaurants, and their employees.

They all suffer from the absence of international tourists. Moreover, the next lockdown is coming for sure, which will soon be a fact! Then the local tourists and customers will also be restricted, and further damage will be done. Thousands of jobs, incomes and people depend on smaller and bigger businesses.

We decided to contribute to the charity UBUNGANI, supported by Jonny Fischer and Michi Angehrn.  The two good souls are personally committed to the Baphumelele Children’s and Orphans’ Home in Khayelitsha near Cape Town. Thus, they make the lives of many children in South Africa more bearable and help them get an excellent start to a better future.

Benefit from the action now

«Support the good and do good for yourself!»

Chocolate Block Charity Promotion

Up to CHF 3.00 per bottle is donated

For each bottle sold, we at KapWeine will donate CHF 3.00 to the UBUNGANI relief organisation.

Hammer Deal – incl. CHF 3.00 Charity
CHF 27.90 instead of CHF 34.90

Valid until 31 December 2022

The Coop newspaper also reports on the Chocolate Block dream in its latest issue.

«Creating a better Future for South Africa's Children»

And if you would like to donate directly, you can do so here:

"Quote: Interview with Schweizer Illustrierte"

With Rosie Mashi’s Baphumelele Children’s Home, we finally found something suitable. She has taken in children who were neglected, abused or expelled without money or means. She accompanies the kids until they reach adulthood and then makes sure that they do an apprenticeship. In other words, she really does something sustainable. In the meantime, her children’s home belongs to the Swiss charity organisation «Ubungani».