Fact #7

Does South Africa have its own autochthonous grape variety?

The answer is yes! Because every wine country has its benchmark wine: New Zealanders the Sauvignon Blanc and South Africans their Pinotage. 

“Born” in 1925 as Pinotage, it is a cross of “Pinot Noir x Cinsault (formerly Hermitage).”

  • The first vineyards were planted in 1957 by Meerendal, Kanonkop and Bellevue.
  • <7% of the vineyard area in RSA is Pinotage.
  • Wine styles and aromas: The spectrum ranges from fruity, velvety full-bodied to elegant,
    finesse, aromatic with notes of red and black berries, but also banana, to earthy, forest floor, floral notes as well as vanilla, coffee, chocolate and spices from barrel aging
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Pinotage is a diverse grape variety, which is definitely worth tasting. Especially the different wine styles cover every wine taste.

What does “autochthonous” mean?
“Autochthonous” comes from the Greek and means, mutatis mutandis, “native, long-established.”