Friends of African Wildlife

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Together with Friends of African Wildlife, KapWeine is setting an example by donating CHF 1.50 to the organisation for every bottle of wine* sold.

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Every franc is passed on 1 to 1!

Friends of Affrican Wildlife is one of the few South African organisations that supports the local population, nature and wildlife, with projects in the following areas «Adopt a Student», «Save the Rhino», «Dog 4 Rhinos», «Eye in the Sky» und «Community 4 Conservation» promote education and the protection of animals

Charity Event Friends of


KapWeine supports «Friends of African Wildlife» with a charity wine offer and joins the annual summer event «Friends meet African Food and Wine».

FRIDAY 8th of JULY 2022, 18-23h, AT HAUTE IN ZURICH

Enjoy a beautiful summer evening with us, learn more about the Friends of African Wildlife and the Southern African Wildlife College, and indulge in culinary delights with excellent wines from KapWeine and delicacies inspired by food scout Richi Kägi, while DJ Fräne provides the appropriate sounds. We would be delighted if you were there!

Do you know the feeling when something hits you right in the heart?

This is how the founders of Friends of African Wildlife felt when, on a trip to South Africa, they visited for the first time the «Southern African Wildlife College» . It is located in the middle of the Kruger National Park and trains young and motivated people to become rangers and reserve managers. Here they are given a perspective. And they internalise values such as respect and appreciation for people, animals and nature.

With the association «Friends of African Wildlife» the education of the local people is not supported. In this way, Friends of African Wildlife shows what targeted support can achieve. At the same time, they help to preserve the beauty and richness of Africa.

Come with us into this wonderful world! And experience what joint commitment can achieve.

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Anthonij Rupert Optima Charity Aktion

CHF 1.50 per bottle donated

For every bottle sold, KapWeine will transfer CHF 1.50 to the Friends of African Wildlife Organisation..

Seductive interplay of a melange of dark fruits and spices on the nose. The seduction continues in the mouth: cassis, blueberry, violet, a touch of cedar, cocoa and tobacco leaf. The palate is soft and spicy with a velvety texture and powdery fine tannins. It is at once rich, rounded and refined, softly appealing and structured by sympathetic oak that is harmoniously integrated. Rewarding and long on the finish.

Magnum Hammer Deal – inkl. CHF 1.50 Charity
Optima – Magnum – 2017
CHF 39.90 instead of CHF 59.00
CHF 37.90 ab 6 Flaschen

*Valid until 31 December 2022

Killer Deal – from 6 blottle/ incl. CHF 1.50 Charity
Optima – 75cl – 2018
CHF 18.90 instead of CHF 26.90

Currently not available.

*Valid until 31 December 2022

Friends of African Wildlife project

«Adopt a Student #1»

For the success of Friends of African Wildlife’s efforts, it is essential that potential leaders are identified and targeted at a young age. The six-month training programme is aimed at disadvantaged but talented school leavers who wish to pursue a career in wildlife and conservation. The programme promotes their skills through practical and theoretical lessons and follows the principle of applied learning.

«Adopt a Student #2»

Friends of African Wildlife vermittelt einer neuen Generation von Wildlife-Managern die erforderlichen Fähigkeiten und eröffnen ihnen vielfältige Karrieremöglichkeiten. The efforts bear fruit: Already today, former students of the “Southern African Wildlife College” are responsible for some of the world’s most diverse biological areas in southern Africa. The possible degrees:

  • Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation – Implementation and Management of Nature Conservation Measures
  • Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation – Trans Frontier Conservation Management
«Save the Rhino»

Anti-poaching training: Did you know that in South Africa alone, three rhinos are brutally killed by poachers every day? We are taking action against this cruelty with a special training programme for rangers.

  • A specialised basic and additional training for field rangers
  • Targeted air monitoring (Eye in the Sky)
  • An anti-poaching dog team (Dog4Rhinos)
«Dogs 4 Rhinos»

The dog team is an effective complement to all other measures in the fight against poaching. The dogs trained at the Southern African Wildlife College support the rangers in tracking and apprehending poachers.

«Eye in the Sky»

Rangers monitor the different areas in the Kruger National Park with light aircraft. The advantages: Rhinos can be better spotted from the air and baby rhinos left behind are found and rescued in time. In addition, poachers are located this way and arrested as part of an operation with air support.

«Community 4 Conservation»

Friends of African Wildlife supports numerous community projects in the surrounding villages. One of these is the Coaching for Conservation programme – C4C».Using the basic values in sport, pupils in grades 3 to 5 learn how to treat nature and animals with consideration. This motivates them in a playful way to care for their homeland.

«Thank you for your donation»

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