KapWeine at #1 with South African wines

& Ranked #54 among the largest Swiss wine merchants

The Swiss Wine Newspaper has chosen its latest Top 100. Among the biggest Swiss wine retailers 2021 is also KapWeine with South Africa!

When it comes to South African wines, KapWeine is the largest and most exclusive supplier in the Swiss market. With over 100 wineries and over 1300 wines in the range, they have the most diverse selection in this country.

According to a recent evaluation by the Swiss Wine Newspaper, 91% of all wine imports in 2021 were handled by the largest 100 traders. KapWeine is clearly one of the up-and-comers. And this with a growth of +18%, from place #82 (2019) to place #57 (2020), to place #54 (2021). This shows us that wine fans have clearly grown in their acceptance and liking of South Africa.

We at KapWeine are proud to have made it this far and will fight for a few more places this year!

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