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Regina Edes-Gibbings


We launched the «Share your South African wine» campaign a few weeks ago.

Among all those who posted their photo with the hashtag #kapwewinesafari on Instagram and Facebook, we raffled off one of the best South African wines. Regina Edes-Gibbings, a super fan of wines, was the winner. Today we introduce her to you.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from?

Regina: I’m originally from Hungary, but lived in London for a long time and in other big cities. Now I’m finally in Switzerland. Professionally I make music, and you know, music and wine go together really well.

Have you ever been to South Africa?

Regina: Unfortunately not. I have many good friends in South Africa, and I would like to visit them. I wanted to, but when this COVID time came, we couldn’t travel – like everybody. Now we have no excuse to travel to South Africa. I would love to visit the country.

When did your passion for wine start?

Regina: It all happened during the COVID period. You had more time, and of course, I drank much worse wines. One day I said to myself, “I can’t do this anymore”. Wine interests me a lot, and now I have time to learn more about it. I ended up doing a WSET Level 3 at university.

How did you find out about CapeWines?

Regina: I was here thanks to Sandy, Ryan and Bella, who are very good friends of mine. They were already here and invited me to an event. It was a super suggestion. That’s how I started, and it was a surprise when Thomas Schneider (Deputy Managing Director KapWeine) called me and asked me if I would like to participate in your Degu event as a Cape Angel. It was just fantastic!

Did you enjoy the experience?

Regina: Yes, the people who come here are very friendly and enjoy the wines.

How did you find the Degu events? 

Regina: Yes, very much. It was great. The atmosphere was great: lots of people, no stress, you can taste and everyone is just “Happy”. Also, the Cape-Angel, the staff, were always very nice; they advised me very well on which wines I should taste.

How do you find South African wines compared to other wines of the world?

Regina: When I drink South African wines, I immediately feel at home. We have a lot of Bordeaux Blend in Hungary because of the sun. The Bordeaux blends from South Africa are so beautiful and have personality. I think the quality is absolutely top, and there are many biodynamic ones.

Which South African wines are your favourites?

Regina: It’s complicated… I would say Cabernet Franc and also Bordeaux blends. I love Chenin Blanc as well. At a Degu event, I learned a bit about white blends, and I have to say they are beautiful.

How many bottles of wine do you drink a year?

Regina: Eh, six hundred and forty-seven…. Ne. Rubbish! I don’t know. I drink with colleagues. When there’s good weather, you drink white wine or rosé. In winter, I drink more red wine, depending on how many people are there and our mood at home. But I like drinking wine very much.

Regina Edes-Gibbings received a bottle of Thistle and Weed «Khakibos». You can also buy it in our shop.


Khakibos White – 2020

5 Stars by Platter’s

The beguiling bouquet indulges with seductive aromas of intense frangipani and jasmine blossoms as well as fine hints of fresh herbs. On the palate, this highly endowed white is immensely lush and expressive, wonderfully balanced by a fresh acidity and a finish reminiscent of sherbet powder.

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Khakibos White – 2020
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Do you want to know what Regina thinks about this wine? Has she tasted the wine? As a wine expert, can she tell us about what there is to discover in a glass of Khakibos? Don’t miss this video.

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