Magnum, Jeroboam or even Impériale

Which large bottle suits which celebrations?

Large bottles are not only a highlight for wine lovers, but are also perfect for various celebrations, from festive occasions to social gatherings. Here are some suggestions on how large bottles can perfectly complement the setting of various events.

Of course, the choice of a large bottle for a particular event depends on various factors, including the type of event, the preferences of the guests and, last but not least, the number of participants. Here are some suggestions:

Magnum (1,5 liter):

Event: Intimate dinners, birthday parties in a small circle.
Number of guests: 4-6 people.
Recommendation: A magnum bottle is perfect for small groups and creates a festive atmosphere without too much extravagance.

Jeroboam/Rehoboam/Double magnum (3 liter):

Event: Weddings, larger family celebrations.
Number of guests: 8-12 people.
Recommendation: Jeroboam bottles add a special touch to the party and provide enough wine or sparkling wine for a larger group.

Methusalem/Impériale (6 liter):

Event: Company anniversaries, important milestones.
Number of guests: 15-20 people.
Recommendation: This impressive size is suitable for important occasions where a large quantity of sparkling wine/MCC or wine is required.

Salmanazar (9 liter) oder Balthazar (12 liter):

Event: Large galas, social events.
Number of guests: 25-50+ people.
Recommendation: These monumental bottle sizes are ideal for truly extravagant events and impress with their sheer size.

Nebukadnezar (15 liter):

This impressive bottle is the equivalent of 20 regular bottles of wine. Ideal for very large celebrations, galas or important social events with more than 50 guests.

Goliath /Melchior/Salomon (18 liter):

This bottle size corresponds to the contents of 24 regular wine bottles. Melchior bottles are extremely rare and are often used for special occasions in upmarket wine regions or for collectors.

It is important to note that the guest numbers mentioned are only guidelines and can be influenced by the guests’ drinking habits and other beverage options. The type of drink (wine, MCC, etc.) also plays a role in choosing the right bottle size. In general, however, large bottles create a special atmosphere and help to celebrate special moments.


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