The Cape Angels

at KapWeine

When you hear CapeWines, the first thing that comes to mind is South African wines from the Cape. But as «The Home of South African Wines», we are much more than that. 0815 is not the case with us; we are the Black Panther among wine merchants. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, whether it’s top wines at great prices, crazy brandies like «Seriously Old Dirt» or «Brake a Leg» and provocative appearances. At the top, our «Makhulu» and CEO Andy Zimmermann sits on his throne and makes sure that we get the best out of it! Because in the 26 years of KapWeine he has lived a quote by Nelson Mandela: «It always seems impossible until it’s done.»

And so, every day, KapWeine does the impossible and moves mountains to establish South Africa in society further. We want to inspire our customers and serve them at our events with charm, charisma, and a good portion of South African hospitality. Because there is good wine, it is worth living to be there. No wonder the good mood also spills over, and some want to become part of the KapWeine family. 

But what lies beneath the surface of our iceberg?

KapWeine counts itself as the largest small company, as we ultimately consist of only ten people. (4 people in internal sales, two people in marketing, two in the warehouse, one in accounting and one person as big boss). We all specialise in several areas and support each other energetically in all matters, as can be seen at the events. But man/woman power is not always enough.

Have you ever noticed that there are usually 30-40 of us at the events?

Now you probably wonder which friendly people are standing at the tasting tables, reception, grill, warehouse at the ramp, etc.? Who are they? Where do they come from?  

We introduce you: These are the Cape Angels from KapWeine, of whom we are particularly proud! Since we from KapWeine, without faithful souls, would perish at the event or even at container delivery, we started years ago to take in volunteers with the South Africa syndrome. As a result, our portfolio already includes 80 Cape Angels, and the number is growing.

Occasionally, existing clients switch sides and actively participate as Cape Angels on the front lines and behind the scenes. We also receive recruits through recommendations or former work colleagues, where we are, of course, willing to give everyone a chance. Most of the Cape Angels have a good to perfect knowledge of wine and have been to South Africa more than x times, so they have a lot to tell about the Cape and the Winelands.

From former flight attendants to CEOs, consulting advisors, accountants, etc., to retired people, they have a lot of know-how. And precisely, this knowledge is worth its weight in gold. After all, what could be better than having honest, authentic and likeable brand ambassadors on board? We are also happy every time this extended family comes together. Because each of these Cape Angels is an enrichment in their way, we appreciate each of them for their proactive support and loyalty! 

I wonder if other wine merchants/importers are so lucky? As mentioned before, we are not 0815, which is what our customers appreciate! In this sense, should we have aroused your interest in becoming a Cape Angel? So write to us at

Meet one of our Cape Angels