Barista Black

The 007 among wines

Killer Deal – ab 6 Fl.


Black Pinotage – 2019

CHF 14.90 instead of CHF 24.00

If you believe the authorized biography of James Bond, the world’s most famous secret agent is 100 years young. His creator may have passed away and so have many of the actors who portrayed him. But the idea of the man is more alive than ever and James has not been idle in the last century. His ethos is present in every area, from the cars we choose to drive to the way we order our drinks. Actors and writers have come and gone, and details of his character have adapted to the waves of cultural change. But over the decades, the essence and charisma of the legend has not only remained intact, but has become perfection.

And so, with Pinotage’s centennial approaching, the Barista team matched the similarities of 007 to our own journey with the varietal. We have conceived a bottling that does justice to the richness of the Pinotage heritage and at the same time
and illustrates the potential of this African grape variety, for the next century. 

Barista Black is an expression of the grape variety Pinotage, which like 007 himself, expresses luxury in the most timeless way. Drawing on nearly 100 years of experience with this grape variety, the Barista team has combined the purity of Pinotage fruit, the unmistakable coffee aromas and the opulence of French oak to create a wine that is not only the richness of its past but also the vibrancy of its future.