KapWeine Quartett

Marta Pacheco

We at KapWeine would like you to get to know us a little better. That’s why we present a new KapWeine team member every now and then in our KapWeine quartet (see Cape News post issue).

Dedicated to the summer month, we introduce our professional warehouse head Marta Pacheco, who has a strong personality and a heart of gold.  

The trademark – opulence meets enthusiasm and elegance. With southern, lively, lovely aromas, this rich, creative and charming character offers a powerful bouquet. Finishes multi-faceted, intense, sweet and irresistibly good with a light tannic note. At its best age to enjoy now.

Year of construction
Wine-  Gin-cosumption per year
South Africa Travel
Wine Knowledge
South Africa animal
Wine Collection

30 Bottles
Level 50
Muscle Power
30 Bottles
Sporty, bold and creative

Learn more about our Warehouse Queen in the video now!