Popular with customers

Have you always wondered which South African wines are the best? The opinions of our customers provide an insight into the favourites of the Swiss in 2023 – let yourself be inspired.

But let’s start from the beginning, because it’s not so easy to understand a person’s individual taste. How would you describe the palate for someone else to ensure that they experience the wine in the same way? This challenge relies heavily on a trained palate and knowledge of wine. Even our wine experts occasionally reach their limits when it comes to meeting customers’ preferences. After all, what the customer perceives as sweet may be considered fruity from a professional point of view. In addition, there is the wine enthusiast who selects specifically according to taste or price, and the lover of prestigious wines.

Despite this diversity, at the end of the day we can assume that the best-selling wines represent the tastes of our customers well. Here we show you the best wines of 2023, organised by grape variety category. Followed by sweet wines and magnum favourites.