by Anthonij Rupert

«Wine is a celebration in itself» 

says Dawie Botha, Head Winemaker. «Anthonij Rupert has some of the best vineyards in the Cape Winelands. It is these sites and the attention to detail with which we cultivate them that give all our brands a special quality and value».

Anthonij Rupert Wyne is the wine project on the L’Ormarins wine estate on the eastern border of Franschhoek and is owned by Johann Rupert. The Rupert family has been instrumental in shaping the modern South African wine scene and this estate is the jewel in their crown.

anthonij rupert optima

Three questions for KapWeine CEO Andy Zimmermann

What is behind the «KapWeine Wine of the Year» award?

«Wine of the Year» is an exciting award that we present annually at KapWeine. It enables us to recognise outstanding wines and wineries and offer our customers first-class taste experiences at a unique special price. The Wine of the Year award emphasises the quality and excellence of our range.

Why this particular producer?

The producer Anthonij Rupert has made a name for itself over the last 5 years, especially with the Optima, since it was added to our range. Thanks to the wide range of wine lines, grape varieties and price categories, there is something to suit all wine lovers. Be it the more Bordeaux-style wines from Anthonij Rupert, the sparkling wines from L’Ormarins or the Swartland & Co. wines made from Syrah, Chenin Blanc, but also Sauvignon Blanc from Cape of Good Hope. The price-to-enjoyment ratio of each wine is above average. This is precisely why now is the time for the «Wine of the Year» promotion.

Are there secret criteria?

Of course, there are no real «secret» criteria, unless I am invited to a «lekker» braai and the evening comes to a euphoric end… then it can be…

All joking aside, we naturally attach importance to various factors when selecting the «Wine of the Year». These include not only the quality of the wines and flavour characteristics, but also the story and the people behind the wine. If you read the entire report, you will learn how forward-thinking the patron Johann Rupert is and how he actively supports the Old Vine project with a lot of money. A true visionary, the man!

Ultimately, however, the price point is also decisive for a «Wine of the Year» selection, so that our customers can benefit from excellent wines at even better prices. The careful selection according to these criteria makes the award authentic, meaningful and effective for the winery, our customers, but also for us at KapWeine. This is because most of the «Wine of the Year» wines have made a real triumphal march in our range and have been among the most popular wines for years, right up to the present day, and can therefore be found in our bestseller lists. So it’s a win-win-win situation. That’s how we like it!

To achieve all this, the producer must of course produce a certain quantity of the selected wine and be able to offer us up to 10 000 bottles at a promotional price.

And the Winner is…

The Optima combines classic «Bordeaux-style» elements such as structure and power with elegance and spicy undertones, surrounded by fine fruit and oak barrel flavours. It is no wonder that the blend is a balanced, harmonious concert of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with the composition changing depending on the vintage and the conditions of the vineyards. The proportions of the respective grape varieties are always between 20% and 50% over the years. They often each account for almost a third of the success of the respective bottling. Occasionally, the blend is refined with a little Petite Verdot.


91 Points by James Suckling
90 Points by Tim Atkin
94 Points / 4.5 Stars by Platter’s

Wine description:
The scent of violets, blackberries, cherries, cocoa, spices and fruit cake is immediately seductive. A single hint of classic Black Forest gateau. The mouth is soft, round, velvety and lovely with a dry finish with the same ripe and rich flavours. It is supple, structured and elegant, offering focus, structure and even a velvety appeal after a few years.

Red Wine of the Year 2023 >6 btl.
Optima – 2019
CHF 18.90 instead of CHF 29.00

Record low harvest

The carefully selected grapes for Anthonij Rupert Optima come from the L’Ormarins vineyard in Franschhoek and Rooderust Farm in Darling. Specific sites, each with their own unique soil and climatic conditions, were identified according to the ideal characteristics that form unique components of the final blend in Optima.

Many vines were still struggling to recover from the drought that the Western Cape had experienced over the past three to four years, even with moderate to good rainfall. The crop yield dropped to a record low. Despite the reduced yields and some uneven ripening, this vintage was able to produce good quality wines. Smaller berries helped to maintain a good balance between acidity and sugar as well as a good distribution of flavours.

To ensure that only the best grapes were used, all components were sorted using an optical sorting system. After fermentation on the dry skins, the wine underwent a long secondary fermentation. This guarantees a good tannin structure and deep colour extraction. French oak and stainless steel tanks were used for fermentation to increase complexity. Malolactic fermentation was completed in barrel and the wine was then racked off the lees. Before final blending, each component was matured separately for 20 months in 225-litre French oak barrels, 30% of which were first fill.

dawie botha anthonij rupert
anthonij rupert wyne

Head Winemaker

Dawie Botha has worked in Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s red wine cellar since the winery was founded in 2005 and was appointed Head Winemaker in 2012. His expertise spans international borders, including making wines at Chateaux de Franc in Bordeaux in 2002 and at Fetzer Vineyards in California in 2004. The outstanding red wines currently available on the market from Anthonij Rupert, created by Dawie Botha, have all received 90 points or more in Wine Spectator Magazine.

Not forgetting Mark van Buuren, responsible for the white wines, and Vernon van der Hofen, partially in charge of the red wines.

Food & wine pairing tip from Dawie: Karoo lamb on the braai and a glass of Optima. Add a few good friends and you have a magical combination.
We recommend Optima as an excellent accompaniment to a variety of savoury meat dishes.



Anthonij Rupert Winery

In the picturesque setting of the Groot Drakenstein Mountains, nestled amongst the rugged peaks, Anthonij Rupert Wyne has had a significant influence on the development of the Cape Winelands. This is due in no small part to Anton Rupert, founder of an empire consisting of distilleries, breweries and wineries on the one hand and a portfolio of luxury brands on the other.

When Dr Anton Rupert acquired L’Ormarins from Pieter Gabriel Marais and Willem Pieter Morkel in 1968, L’Ormarins had already produced the first South African champion brandy and white wine.

After Anthonij took over the management of L’Ormarins from his father in 1984, he restored the manor house built in 1811 and the historic wine cellar (dating back to 1799), both of which were declared national monuments. In 1989, L’Ormarins won all the major local wine competitions. In 2001, Anthonij Rupert died tragically.

In 2003, Johann Rupert takes over the L’Ormarins winery. In 2005, he built the Anthonij Rupert cellar. An ultra-modern, gravity-fed cellar with a rotating ceiling and underground barrel cellar, completed in memory of his brother. In the same year, he hired the internationally recognised oenologist Michel Rolland as a consultant to the Anthonij Rupert team, which led to the release of the first vintage of Anthonij Rupert wines in 2009. Since the first vintage in 2005, all the wines in the range, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and «The Blend», have consistently scored 90 points or more in every Wine Spectator review.


Anthonij Rupert Wyne – Collectible Cape Red wines

Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s Flagship Range represents the essence of the highest quality. Through the careful selection of the best grapes from optimal terroirs and the application of state-of-the-art winemaking techniques, an unrivalled standard is achieved. Each wine in the Flagship Range, which includes Optima, is the result of precision craftsmanship and reflects the artistry and pursuit of excellence. These wines are not only a means of enjoyment, but also a symbol of outstanding flavour and sophistication, taking sophisticated wine lovers on an unforgettable sensory journey.

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Merlot – 2018
CHF 34.90 instead of CHF 49.00


WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Cabernet Sauvignon – 2019
CHF 44.90 instead of CHF 65.00


WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Red – 2016
CHF 74.90 instead of CHF 109.00


Cape Of Good Hope – Terroir Specific Wines

Launched in 2011, the Cape of Good Hope project tells the story of the land, culture and past through the winemaking of some of the oldest vines in the Western Cape.

This once again demonstrates the foresight and solidarity of patron Johann Rupert. More than 15 years ago, he engaged the now world-famous vine expert Rosa Kruger as a consultant for his Rupert wines. As part of this collaboration, he learnt a lot about the Old Vine Project, which was still in its infancy at the time and in which Rosa was saving old vineyards, mainly in the Swartland region, Ceres etc., from being cleared. She achieved this by bringing together mainly young, wild winemakers (such as Eben Sadie, Duncan Savage, Donovan Rall and others) as grape buyers with the vineyard owners.

This led to Johann Rupert buying around 300 hectares of old vineyards that Rosa Kruger had discovered. The Cape of Good Hope wine project was born. But that’s not all: since then, Rupert has significantly financed the Old Vine Project and thus laid the foundation for saving many hundreds of hectares of old vines. Future generations of winegrowers and wine drinkers will be grateful to him and Rosa Kruger for their work and commitment –hats off to Rosa Kruger and Johann Rupert!

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Sauvignon Blanc Altima – 2023
CHF 13.90 instead of 19.90


WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Chenin Blanc Riebeeksrivier – 2021
CHF 13.90 instead of 19.90

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Syrah Riebeeksrivier – 2018
CHF 14.90 instead of 22.00

The Cape of Good Hope wines are a powerful tribute to the region’s rich wine-growing heritage. The careful selection of grapes from old vines and unique sites up to 900 metres above sea level creates an impressive connection to terroir, climate, soil and grape variety. Each drop reflects not only the authentic beauty of the region, but also the craftsmanship and dedication of the winemakers who honour the heritage of the Cape’s wine tradition. The Cape of Good Hope proudly presents a range of wines that not only delight the palate, but also celebrate the history and uniqueness of wine production in the Western Cape.


L’Ormarins – Cap Classique

The L’Ormarins range is a masterful reflection of the art of sparkling wine production. Here, not only high-quality sparkling wines are created, but also a unique collection of exquisite bubbles that embody the tradition of theMéthode Cap Classique at the highest level. L’Ormarins stands for excellent sparkling wines that present a broad spectrum of exciting forms of expression in the world of fine drinks through creative evolution and craftsmanship. L’Ormarins’ generous price-to-enjoyment ratio makes the experience of this outstanding bubbly all the more impressive.

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Brut – NV
CHF 17.90 instead of 24.90

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Blanc de Blanc – 2018
CHF 19.90 instead of 27.90

de grendel-rubaiyat

WOY Promotion >6 btl.
Brut Rosé – NV
CHF 17.90 instead of 24.90


WOY Promotion >6 btl..
Rosé Brut – 2017
CHF 19.90 instead of 27.90

mcc l'ormarins

Tasting Sets


WOY Promotion Set
Top Red Set of 6

  • Red Blend
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Optima
CHF 239.90 instead of CHF 378.90

WOY Promotion Set
Value Set of 4

  • Chenin Blanc Riebeeksrivier
  • Sauvignon Blanc Altima
  • Syrah Riebeeksrivier
  • Anthonij Rupert Optima
CHF 59.90 instead of CHF 103.70

WOY Promotion Set
MCC Set of 4

  • Brut NV
  • Brut Rosé NV
  • Blanc de Blanc 2018
  • Brut Rosé 2017
CHF 69.90 insteaf of CHF 118.50

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