Travelling to Southern Africa

Increasingly popular with Swiss people



South Africa: A paradise for travellers not only thanks to the strong Swiss franc

South Africa is not only known for its breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife and fascinating culture, but also for its economic appeal to Swiss travellers. «South Africa is doing very well because of the low rand – and that should also be the case in the coming year,» said Markus Kohli, CEO of Knecht Reisen, in the «Travel News Talk». The currency situation in South Africa favours the travel providers. In October 2022, 1000 rand still had an equivalent value of around 55 francs, now the exchange rate is a good 47 francs. This corresponds to a loss in value of almost 15% and eases the budget of Swiss travellers.

The demand for South Africa tours is correspondingly high. Not only at Knecht, but also at other Africa specialists. «We are currently 20% up on last year and 15% up on 2019,» says Dominic Eckert, owner of Dreamtime Travel, on request.

The loss in value of the South African rand has a direct impact on the travel budget of the Swiss. Holidaymakers can plan longer stays, visit more sights and even include additional adventures in their itineraries.


Various forms of travel are in demand, with safaris and road trips making up a significant share of bookings.

No matter which form of travel you choose, South Africa offers a wealth of experiences that will make your stay unforgettable. From breathtaking natural beauty to fascinating cultural discoveries, there is something for every traveller.


Article by Reto Suter,, 04.10.2023