TIP #10 – How to remove a wine stain?

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Red wine stains on clothes can cause a lot of headaches. Here are some tips to make removal easier.

Who hasn’t experienced this? You’re at home with friends and enjoying a glass of red wine from KapWeine, when you get a little too expressive and the wine flies up in the air and you catch a red wine stain. Here are our tips you can use in a pinch to save your clothes from a permanent wine stain:

1. Act quickly: Immediately look for a stain remover or cold running water, because a dried stain is much harder to remove.

2. Dab, do not rub: Take an absorbent cloth and dab the stain lightly with the detergent. Rubbing the garment will press the stain even deeper into the fibres.

3. Only use cold liquids: Warm liquids can dilute the stain but spread it even further. Cold running water or mineral water is ideal here.

4. Lösen Sie die Moleküle auf: Both soda water and vinegar are great for breaking up the molecules of the wine to make them easier to remove – even white wine can do this!

5. Soak up the stain with a powdery substance: Salt or baking powder will definitely help you.

6. Wash as soon as possible: Always wash your garment with detergent as soon as possible.

A plus tip from the author: Soak the garment in milk and then wash it with your detergent. This worked for me at Christmas with a big wine stain on a white tablecloth! In this case I used plant milk and the tablecloth is as good as new.

If you know of any other tips to remove wine stains, please post a comment below..


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