TIP #11 – Eight wine cork ideas

«Do it Yourself»

Cork is a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material with very little impact on the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (CO2). But what do we do with it when we open a bottle of wine?

According to Statista, The Swiss population will drink around 31.5 litres of wine per capita in 2020. This corresponds to 42 bottles per person and over 210 million wine corks nationwide. But what happens to the wine corks, or better, what else can you do with them? Here are a few ideas that you can do with the corks of your Here are a few ideas that you can do with the corks of your KapWeine- wine corks

 1. Reinigen eines rostigen Messers: Dip half of a cork in a mild detergent. The cork allows you to grab and rub without risk. Alternatively, you can also put lemon juice and salt on the cork. The corks act like an exfoliator and thus remove the stains.

 2. Make a candle: Cork is a very absorbent material, a property we can take advantage of by soaking it in alcohol for a few hours. Wait until it has soaked up and then use it as a candle that can burn for several hours! To be sure, place your cork in a glass jar.

3. Coasters made from wine corks: Cork is a natural insulating material and can be used to make a coaster on which to place hot pots without burning the worktop. It’s very simple: put them together upright and place as many as you need to cover the surface of your pot. Then tie a large nylon band around it and that’s it!

4. Protect your kitchen from splashes: Ideal for protecting the front of your cooker from grease splashes and other food stains without wasting money. Simply as in tip 3, line up wine corks, tie them together and then place them in front of the cooker.

5. prevent scratches on the floor: Cut the corks into slices and stick the pieces to the underside of the chair legs to protect surfaces. So easy and without having to go to the DIY store.

6. Decorative stamps: An idea for all those who like to tinker. Cork is relatively easy to carve into the desired shape. With a felt-tip pen, draw the silhouette and with a knife, start shaping the cork. This way, with a little patience, you can become a postage stamp shape.

7. Decorative pots: EEs ist ganz einfach, Korken in einen Plastiktopf zu kleben. Auch wenn der Topf rund ist, können Sie ihn verbergen, wenn Sie die Außenseite der Korken eckiger machen. With a thoughtful design and careful implementation, such a pot becomes a designer piece!

8. Schlüsselring: Screw a ring screw into the cork with a screwdriver and use a ring or piece of metal to attach your keys. Stick a magnet to the end so it will hold anywhere or verify the cork with dots or any other motif you like best.

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