Tip #64 – how to judge wine fairly

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How do you judge a wine fairly, without ifs and buts? – you may have asked yourself more than once. Today you will learn the BLIK formula to judge wine fairly.

Become a Degu professional now. Apply the BLIK-formula and judge wines blind. This approach was developed by the WSET, Wine Spirit Education Trust, Launched in 1969, today represented in 72 countries and 17 languages.

There are 5 levels of Wine Spirit Education Trust: From Beginner – that would be Level 1 – to Master of Wine.

Of course, all the wines will be tasted blind and with the BLIK Method goes a touch deeper than just: do I like this wine? The next question would be why?

«B» from balance:

We deal with the quality of acidity, tannin, sweetness, body and alcohol on the palate.

  • How do we feel this on the palate?
  • Is the acid aggressive or pleasant?
  • Are there green tannins or are they pleasant and fine-meshed?
  • Is the sweetness-acidity game right?
  • Is the body light or strong?
  • Is the alcohol pleasant or burning?
  • Are the points mentioned above coherent and pleasant?

«L» from length:

Is the wine gone immediately after swallowing or spitting it out, or how long does it stay?

«I» in the intensity:

Ask yourself how intense the aromas are in the wine. Do I recognise individual ones or are there many of them?

«K» and the complexity:

We distinguish between low, medium and high complexity aromas


Award 0 or 1 point per category and add up the total.

4 Excellent         I           3 Very good           I                2 good                I         1 Weak

So, now you are ready for the next tasting. It’s best to start directly with a wine at home so that you can practise. Will you become the next Master of Wine? The more you practise, the faster you move up to the next level.

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