The Pinotage

A speciality of South Africans

A seedling from the garden, grown in 1925, was to achieve an astonishing importance that no one had any idea of at the time.

Equally surprising was the fact that the strange name «Pinotage» would catch on. However, it is unlikely that Professor Abraham Izak Perold, who worked at the University of Stellenbosch and developed this grape variety, had a high regard for Pinotage from the beginning. The four seedlings that grew in his garden probably only survived by chance, as Pinotage was later propagated by other researchers.

There is no mystery about Pinotage’s ancestry or name. The name is made up of the names of its parents: «Pinot» from Pinot Noir and «age» from Cinsault, which was then known in South Africa as «Hermitage», reminiscent of the Rhône. However, more than 15 years passed before the fruits of this new cultivation were first made into wine. And even more time passed before wine lovers became aware of Pinotage.

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