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Das lang erwartete Foto

You don’t often see this picture with five South African wine producers, certainly not in Switzerland. It is not every day that producers from South Africa travel to Switzerland to present their wines and discuss them in person with South African wine fans.

KapWeine has done it again! Five South African producers showed their wines with us on 27 and 28 May. Our Degu event was the best excuse for this meeting and us the opportunity to share two days full of impressions with you.

«I think it’s a great opportunity for us to present our wines to Swiss customers. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our wines to Swiss customers,» said Jeremy Walker von Grangenhurst, when we asked him about his opinion of our Degu event. «So it’s a perfect opportunity for you to really explore, and then hopefully, we can get you to come South Africa in the future,» remarked Jean Smith von Damascene.


«It’s also great because we don’t have to get to see these ones in a room. So for us to walk around and see some of the ones from «Damascene» with Jean and «Grangenhurst» and the other producers that are here, it’s really special to be able to try it all says Warren Granat Mulder, producer of Rust en Vrede

The Swiss Bührer family, producers of Saxenburg Wine, enjoyed their weekend with us: «It’s a diversity in-depth, in breadth and you very rarely find something like that at wine events. Everyone simply finds their favourite wine, you can say», Adrian Bührer emphasises. 

More than 300 people visited the KapWeine tasting in Wädenswil, and the producers were the real protagonists of this May event. 

«For me, it’s quite interesting to talk to them about the different soil types that we have, all the different elevations that we have and then just proximity to the ocean, how high up we go into the mountains as well, and they really find it intriguing. That’s why I also bought a 3D map of the country to show that to really get them to understand it explains Jean Smith.  

«Many customers ask me why have you got wines that are 2008 and 2009 vintage wines. It’s part of our kind of strategy that we’ve evolved into over the years, but I think it’s really quite special to be able to offer people wines that are 10-15 years old and that they don’t have to buy wines put them away for five years before they can enjoy them, they can enjoy them right now, they can buy them today, enjoy them tomorrow but they can also if they want to keep them for another five years or more,» Jeremy Walker points out.

«The wine industry in South Africa has progressed so far, and how things have changed since from a political landscape since the 90s from a wine perspective in the last 10-15 years has just been phenomenal to see how the wines have developed and gotten better says Warren Granat Mulder. 

The next tasting with producers Ataraxia and Spier will be on 24/25 June. It is another opportunity to learn more about South Africa and its wines. 

Watch and listen to what our producers have to say in this Video