The first photos of Tom Cruise in South Africa

Mission Impossible 8 is already being filmed

Some South Africans are seeing stars in the light of day after Hollywood legend Tom Cruise reportedly flew over the south coast of KZN in his own helicopter and was also spotted in Hoedspruit Limpopo, where he was warmly greeted and flashed by a local resident.

The first chapters of Cruise’s stay in South Africa are related to the filming of the 8th part of the hit franchise Mission Impossible.

A Twitter update also revealed photos of the planes arriving in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, as part of a big stunt for the film.



A Hoedspruit resident, known for her leopard spotting and photography skills, also spotted the actor and took a photo of him. According to said resident, Gillian Leigh Soames, she saw Mr Cruise flying over her house in a helicopter. To add spice, Gillian decided to flash him and the helicopter “flashed her back”, as she proclaimed on social media.

Cruise and the team are expected to stay in the Limpopo region for about two months, where the Blyde River Canyon, just an hour away, will be one of the film’s locations.

And Cape Town residents can also look forward to watching the stars, as Cruise and the Mission Impossible team are also expected to travel to the Mother City to shoot more scenes!

Cruise is the latest addition to the celebrity brigade in South Africa. David Dobrik and Logan Paul (both known for their YouTube presences) were also tourists in South Africa this year.

Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise

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Post by Cape Town – Edition of 13 February 2022